The amazing success of a boot called “ Salamander” at the close of the 19 th century led to the company name Salamander AG.

Salamander and shoes - concepts as inseparable as the ingenuity and enterprise which have been the company’s hallmark right from the beginning. Jakob Sigle, founder of the the future Salamander AG, was a pioneer in the industrial fabrication of shoes. In 1885, he expanded his trade as a cobbler in Kornwestheim, Germany to establish “Jakob Sigle, Manufacture and Warehouse, all types of shoes”.


Looking for a location to produce a unique new material for shoe heels, Jakob Sigle bought property housing a wood pulp factory in Türkheim in Bavaria in 1917. He thereby laid the cornerstone for today’s Salamander Industrie-Produkte GmbH.


The heel material called Melvo- comprised of leather fibres, cellulose and resin glue – has been produced at this location since 1919, at first under license.

In 1936, the company developed a leather-like material fur use as shoe insoles and counters. This material was the forerunner of today’s bonded leather fibre material. By continually improving the material and its production methods and further developing it for new applications, Salamander has become the leading manufacturer of bonded leather fibre material products worldwide.


Daily approximately 40 to 50 tons of high quality bonded leather fibre material are produced on four production lines and sold in 56 countries of the world with increasing success.


The large and modern machinery outfit of the factory makes it possible to upgrade and finish the products in our own plant. New colours are matched and created daily. Salamander Bonded Leather can offer a huge product assortment with over 2,000 colours, 30 embossing grains and 4 different gloss levels.

Although originating from the shoe industry, specially designed products for new applications were developed thanks to the company’s own mechanical engineering and technology division.


Today only about one third of the the production is destinated for the shoe industry.


The main part of the production is destinated for applications such as:


/// high grade bookbinding material ( bibles, encyclopedias, diaries, albums etc.)

/// high grade packaging material ( watch boxes, jewellery cases etc.)

/// leathergoods ( belts, purses, bags etc.)

/// furniture ( chairs, sofas etc.)



Bonded leather fibre material from Salamander Bonded Leather is especially distinguishing through:


/// outstanding cost-performance ratio

/// excellent physical properties ( elongation, tensile strength, tear resistance, seam strength, endurance, abrasion resistance etc.)

/// evenness

/// excellent processing properties ( cutting, trimming, finishing etc.)



By means of additional processing-machinery SALAMANDER Bonded Leather, if requested , can prepare the reverse side of the material for further treatment like:


/// reverse-side coating with thermal-active adhesives

/// reverse-side coating with film adhesives and pull-off silicone paper

/// reverse-side coating with tissue for further product optimization by demand for high endurance and seam strength



Renowned companies in Europe and overseas can be counted to the clientele of SALAMANDER Bonded Leather.



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