Sustainability, Social commitment, REACH declaration, EMAS, OEKO-TEX


By recycling leather scraps into bonded leather fibre material, we can provide an important contribution to environmental protection. Furthermore, our bonded leather fibre material is a high quality recycling product made from natural and renewable raw materials, that is suitable for various applications.


Social Responsibility


We obtain most of our raw material from European manufacturers, which means that the conditions of employment correspond to the high European social standards. From our Non-European suppliers, we insist that their raw materials have been manufactured without involvement of child labour and devoid of exploitative and health- and environmentally harmful conditions. Should we come to know of converse circumstances, the supplier will be excluded from our supply chain. With Germany as our place of location and only one industrial premises, we can guarantee compliance with the high German standards regarding health care and industrial safety. In our own apprenticeship workshop, we train the future generation of skilled workers. The entire staff of SALAMANDER is employed according to the most recent collective labour agreement. Through constant material analysis, we control the compliance with our declaration of non-objection.





The water, used during production, is cleaned in our own purification plant far beyond regulatory requirements and is reused to about 50 %.





Our coatings are mostly solvent-free. The exhaust air is cleaned by a catalytic exhaust air purification plant at the state of the art, built in 2008.





Through continuous improvements and investments in the field of energy management, a rational use of energy according to the current state of technology is guaranteed. Therefore, we obtained the energy certificate under § 41 renewable energy law. The waste heat from our plants is mostly reused through efficient heat recovery systems. Part of our power requirements is covered through self-produced electricity from hydropower.





Production related waste is being recycled directly into the production process. Other waste is correctly sorted and then lead into a recycling loop, provided that this is technically manageable. Our plan for the future is to produce high quality products by continuous improvement concerning the above subjects, as well as to continue to take social responsibility.


Organic solvents in the exhaust air are completely eliminated by a post-combustion system with state-of-the-art technology.


Naturally, we respect ethical and social principles in the selection of our international suppliers and customers.


EMAS is the most comprehensive energy and environmental management and audit system in the EU, which monitors the improvement of energy and environmental performance of companies. It is a voluntary instrument, which SALAMANDER submits to. It is used worldwide and covers all requirements of DIN EN ISO 14001. The principal aim of EMAS, is a commitment to the continued improvement of environmental services and the audited compliance with all legislation. The environmental consideration has always been very important for SALAMANDER and the EMAS certification underlines our commitment to this.