Bonded leather fibre material - Lefa - Salpa


Only few materials come as close to genuine leather in quality and in application performance as bonded leather fibre material (also known as SALPA). By finely milling vegetable leather scraps as well as chrome shavings which we obtain from all around the world, and adding natural fat and latex as a binder, it is guaranteed that SALAMANDER bonded leather fibre material is made of over 90 % natural and re-growing raw materials. After adding water, the mixture is pumped through a long screen machine - a production process very similar to the production of paper. By subsequently drying, calandering and finishing our material, we obtain bonded leather fibre material - a continuous product, which is available in a number of qualities and thicknesses.


Our long-standing tradition and our own coating department, with its huge and exclusive special machinery, allows the customized finishing of our base materials and enables us to provide high flexibility. The daily output of around 40 to 50 tons of high quality bonded leather fibre material is produced on four production lines and sold in about 56 countries worldwide.


Our bonded leather fibre material finds application in various industries, such as::


/// the shoe industry (counter, heeling, welt, insole, outsole material)

/// high quality bookbinding material (Cabra Collection)

/// luxury packaging material (CABRA Collection)

/// leathergoods (Spectro Collection) (promotional items, wallets, bags, lining, etc.)

/// furniture (Spectro Collection)

/// flooring (Spectro Collection) (floor tiles, wall covering)