Bookbinding & Packaging material


In regards to bookbinding material, it is inevitable to come across CABRA – the world’s most famous brand article by SALAMANDER.


Cabra is a high-quality bonded leather fibre material. In order to achieve the required quality properties, we use only premium leather scraps that have been carefully selected. Theses leather scraps are a natural byproduct of industrial leather manufacturing.


Besides leather fibres, CABRA contains natural tanning agents, modified natural fats, organic dyes and natural latex as binder. Our product consists almost exclusively of renewable, natural raw materials.


We also finish the surface of our CABRA material with premium leather coatings. We use mostly organic pigments and cellulose nitrates as a binder.


Cabra is available in the thickness 0,3 / 0.35 mm. The roll length can be adjusted to the special requests of our customers by 50, 100, 200, 300, 350 or 750 meters.









/// made from high quality leather fibres

/// produced on especially developed machinery by highly skilled and experienced specialists

/// from natural re-growing raw materials

/// superior flex, folding and tensile strength

/// high aging resistance

/// suppleness and leather-like touch

/// outstanding decorating qualities

/// coated with an excellent leather finish

/// used as a high quality natural cover material in the binding industry

/// enhances the product image by using the natural material combined with the elegance of genuine leather



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